Discipline & Conduct  Rules    

1- Wearing of Uniform is compulsory without any relaxation. Students found defaulters may be fined
and suspended from the school at the discretion of the Principal.

2- Maintenance of School Prestige and decorum would be the utmost duty of each student within and
outside the School Premises. Conduct and behaviors contrary to the School Prestige / rules will be
considered misconduct and may be incorporated in the progress report the character certificate of
the concerned students.

3- Only those students shall be eligible for BISE Examination, who qualify the
send up tests of the school and fulfills the required attendance during the session.

4- Monthly test and examination would be a regular feature and absence without cogent reason or
prior approval be the competent authority will lead to the imposition of heavy fines on the
defaulters. However send up promotion will be subject to qualifying at least 3 monthly tests in a
session as well as the required number of attendance.

5- Each students is bound to pay proper respect to his teachers and school staff. Any action
contrary to this will be considered gross misconduct.

6- All dues payable to School are not subject to refund in any case. A Student who does not pay
his dues / Fine etc within the prescribed/ notified time may be removed from the School rolls.

7- Any student aggrieved at any happening in the school shall lodge a complaint to the Principal
and not to any other authority unless the Principal permits him to do so.

8- Any student remained absent from School without proper permission for a continuous period of 10
days, excluding holidays shall automatically be struck off the rolls, unless the cause of absence
is explained to the Principal.
In the case the student may be re admitted within 15 days of dropped from the School and on payment
of re-admission fee and may be re admitted fee and may be re admitted within 15 days of dropped from
the school and on payment of re-admission fee and other dues.

9- School administration shall not be responsible for any natural mishap. No claim will be called
for in any court of law for the damages.

10- No student is allowed to leave the class room without the permission of his/her teacher or the
class is over.

11- Students are not allowed to eat or drink in class room or in playground. They can have their
eatables only near to designed cafeteria area.

12- They will not be involved in activities which might include excessive physical contact while
playing, throwing sand or stones etc to some one or involving in some other misconduct activities of
same kind.

13- They will not be allowed to have dangerous objects such as knives, sticks, rocks etc with them,
playing a game will hard ball is also prohibited.

14- Loose language , fighting or arguing to some one fight is also prohibited.